GPS for Growth

So how does your team cope with the never ending story of change? What is the focus of your team? What about adapting to change by taking baby-steps? Many surveys depart from big ambitions, and monitor how individual employees ‘score’. But what do you eventually gain with this? How can you really benefit from a survey, and use it as adaptive tool that helps teams learn and grow?

What it is about

Ravie developed an easy to use assessment which makes use of best practices and latest academic insights. We believe you need more than an analysis on how you ‘score’ in behavioral change. It starts with analysing the gap between ambition and reality. Together we define what is needed to close the gap step by step.

The assessment contains questions related to different behavioural aspects linked to the ambition of your organization.  You and your team members will complete it  several times, to assess how you ‘grow’ as team. This approach gives a lot of flexibility in enabling change and eventually closing the gap for your team.

Adaptive Tool

Together with our partner Unicorn Group and the Universities of Ghent and Leuven we developed a team assessment which you can use to facilitate the dialogue on change and priorities in change. You decide which skills deserve focus to work on. By completing the assessment you gain insight on where you are, compared to the set ambition of your organisation. Then you’ll decide on the actual focus of your team: a realistic focus, inviting to take small step in adjusting your workstyle, both individually and as a team, towards becoming part of the realised ambition.

We offer

  • A wide range of behaviourial focus aspects to build purpose fit questionnaires;
  • A easy approach to analyse and monitor focus and growth

You gain

  • Insight in what aspects deserves focus in your team;
  • A hands on tool that facilitates a dialogue on growth in your team;