Connected Coaching

Connected Coaching

Perhaps you are tired of being stuck to your desk from 9 to 5, but you lack time and attention to change this routine. How can you make a change easily and enjoyable? How do you learn best in a world where we are connected 24/7 and where our mobile devices have become our main tool for interaction?

What it is about

Wouldn’t you like to develop a mindset responsive to change? And wouldn’t it make sense to involve people you trust to support you in this? We invite you to get out of your comfort zone, stretch your boundaries and develop new routines.

We believe you need to learn in practice: by taking small steps thus discovering, by carrying out experiments, by knowing and embracing your pitfalls.

And what about the power of peers: people you trust can really help you evolve. By involving your network -whether that’s in or outside your organisation-, developing new routines will be easier, more fun and eventually more effective. 

Our approach to develop new routines is blended, low key and has a high impact. This means that we accompany and support you both online and offline by offering a variety of on- and offline tools; you choose which ones you can easily fit into your daily life.

Track your progress

Our support is highly flexible, easy accessible and on demand, supported by a personalised online environment where you can keep track of your progress and interact with your peers and with us. Moreover, we challenge and motivate you in accomplishing new routines.

We’ll start with discovering and defining your workstyle challenge, before starting experiments with new routines. You decide on the follow up: whether that is face-to-face, by video, chat or by writing about it. During the coaching you have access to a personal environment where you can collect and discuss experiences concerning your personal workstyle challenge.

We offer

  • A personalised and blended approach to build new routines;
  • A low key and secure approach for (peer-)coaching;
  • A secured, 24/7 accessible online environment;

You gain

  • Routines that fit your way of working;
  • An adaptive mindset to respond on change;
  • Effectiveness, by making use of existing knowledge