Mind your Meeting

In a mobile and paperless world, where FaceTime and Skype are part of your daily routine and people can work everywhere, you might mind your meeting and adapt your routines.

What it is about

Well, let’s start here: you win some, you loose some. Probably you might need to get rid of ‘your way’ of meeting. But wouldn’t it be nice if your assistant would be freed of recurrent printing-marathons? To have shorter, to-the-point meetings with a clear and shared outcome? Or even less meetings? How can you have effective online meetings?

Ravie helps design meetings in which people are really involved, both online and offline. You will not only save time and costs, but meetings will also be more engaging and inspiring.

Exploring routines

Together we’ll explore the gains and losses of meeting routines. We’ll start by examining both the technical and the behavioural preconditions in the current context. Do you have access to the right tooling to create an effective meeting environment? How do you share information? What are the behavioural routines in preparing and having meetings, both online and offline?

Co-creating change

Our co-creation sessions, training and coaching on meeting behaviour are hands on and tailor made; involving the people concerned in designing change. Together we explore the key factors to gain effectiveness and engagement in meetings. We work with monitored experiments to practice with the new routines. Key factor in this process is learning: through continuous reflection on process and results we’ll help create a solid approach.

We offer

  • A health-check on your current meeting mindset
  • Co-creation sessions on new meeting routines
  • Training and coaching on on- and offline meeting behaviour

You gain

  • Shorter meetings in which people are really involved
  • Sustained decisions
  • Money: less printing, faster decision making